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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Telefonica and D-Telekom aggressively target Google in public: "We cannot offer everything for nothing"

Just in case you missed the German and Spanish press reports, Rene Obermann (DT CEO) and Telefonica's Chair Cesar Alierta (in El Pais 8th Feb reporting comments made in Bilbao 5th Feb) have expressed their intention to introduce fine-grain charging, though perhaps not as much as Manager-Magazin suggest in this (translated 17th March) interview's headline
Alierta is reported as stating: " Si Google y los demás buscadores quieren hacer negocio en Internet tendrán que cederle una parte a los operadores que ponen a su disposición sus redes y sus millones de clientes ."  He goes on "What is clear is that Internet search engines use our network without paying anything, which is lucky for them and a curse for us. It is also clear that this can not continue. The networks put them on the systems, we do the after sales service, we do everything. This will change, I am convinced."
Hmmm, lets see what the regulators do about that?

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