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Monday, October 30, 2006

Globotrash: The Search for Identity in the 21st Century Elite

So that's the title of the book: chapters on ASmallworld, LSE, Harvard, Jews and Parsis, India, 'cute', Eurotrash, Lebanon, spice it up a bit...

BUT Sitges is no nice, I'm not making much progress...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Oz for Crimbo!!!

Just booked myself a seat via Tokyo to arrive 27th and in time for Day 2 of the MCG Test Match - crrriiiicccckkkeeettttt!

We don't like it, we LOVE EEEET!

Then Sydney for New Year, bit of beachiness and back via Adam in Tokyo on 15th January.

Which is nice...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006

Photos and blog all moving to Flickr

Unless I decide to start getting all syllyloquized (?) the updates are going to appear here:
The first is to note Greggo is in Darwin waiting for 350Km/h winds to arrive tomorrow...

Photos now moved to Flickr

Blogspot seems to have trouble with my photos, so they've moved:

Barcelona in the spring

The finished roof of the Mercado and a new sculture at Barceloneta - note azure Med sky!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter in Barcelona

Its been a long cold lonely winter, it seems like years since its been here:-)

Yup, sun in Barna this evening - a four night getaway to 'home': the sea, the mountains, the sand, the sun, the seafood, the sangria (well its a drink beginning with 's' unlike absinthe).

My computer is 'resting' in Amsterdam being repaired so hopefully I can post photos again next weekend. Busy week ahead, though - 2 bosses leaving (I might have to swtich off the lights here soon:-) and 2 proposals to put in.

In the meantime, salsa, Sevillanas and sardinas!!!

Friday, March 31, 2006

April fool!

Surviving into April despite the rocky path of RAND in March - to lose one boss is unfortunate, to lose two looks like carelessness.
Wish I was at Sennen today!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Unknown cowgirl at Double Entendre Creek

As I can't blog the beautiful photos of Barcelona, Cambridge and Cornwall until this computer gets fixed (Easter apparently, while I'm in Barcelona again), there's an anonymous post from the deserts of Arizona. More anonymous posts from Myanmar may follow...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Its funny having quiet streets and bird song - I think it'll take a week or two to get used to it!
The move was pretty high stress - I ended up leaving behind the bed base and freezer (only 3 months old, te-tum te-tum).
Losing the bed was good - I bought it in 1995 with Astrid but it's only 6 foot and my toes have always dangled over the end. Time for a bigger bed...
Oh, and I am shattered and have a head cold - relaxing after the move makes you sick!
Daffodils are just appearing next to Buckingham Palace (I was near there for a meeting Tuesday morning) and spring is springing:-)
No photos because my poor old laptop nearly died again and has no Bluetooth anymore...
I'm hiring a car on Saturday for 11 days - the end of Essex teaching - and driving to see the parents (first time in ages), the godkids (first time in this year!) for the riiigby, and then next weekend (if I'm not coldy anymore) down to stay with Steve Simmons at Sancreed:
Bloody marvellous!!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Barcelona tomorrow; Helsinki in June

Off to see wee Robbie and Nicky tomorrow in Barcelona! Its snowing in Cambridge today - not there!
Also got my dates and agenda - 9-11 June in Helsinki with Alex speaking at this:

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The morning after...

Monday 4.45am alarm and the 5.34am train to Paris - brutal!
But at least I saw the Japanese boys (see blog for June) and had a fabulous langoustine/artichokes/dark chocolate truffles lunch with Bernard (see river swim photos September), my friend from the French PM's office. Rather good Italian red too. Then home eventually after an 18-hour day.

Wild weekend in London/Eritrea/Poland/NZ/Dresden

Alex came into town and here's the evidence:
It was a weekend of great food, great company, strange late night conversation, and Chateau Neuf du Pape celebrating Tom/Maria's engagement, followed by delicious black Okocim beer, then sangria and beer at a Notting Hill party, then speaking Spanish to Venzuelans, then Moldovan, then a 4am hour-long 'blind date' phone call - then...well, Sunday lunchtime we had a long glorious lunch in a pub, at the end of which the lovely Mayna from Dresden grinned all over her face when I promised "we will never come back"...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cleshes for the Eshes

Next winter - only 10 months away!

OECD conference in a Vatican palace

The Insitut San Michele
- which was nice! Conference vdery pleasant lots of old and new friends, wonderful banquet in a private palazzo by the Palazzo Vienetzia - the outgoing Italian government knows how to treat its guests (even if it is re-elected)

Visit to the Vatican

Sunday morning, naturally - but it was free (last Sunday of the month) so the Italians were prctising rucking and mauling for the riigby the following week, nightmare queue just to see the most explicitly gay erotic roof ever - Michaelangelo had quite an eye for the boys!

Religion but no Prophet cartoons

Ave Maria, Moses, synagogue St Pete's
(lit a candle for my mum)

Capitol! Capitol!

Roman ice cream

Roman holiday

Monday, February 06, 2006

La Dolce Vita Roma 28-29 January

Pics to follow...even the Italians were impressed with the palaces that the government laid on for the OECD workshop!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Ofcomwatch and Oxford Media Convention

In Oxford yesterday - for the Media Convention, to say hi to Louise and Damian and the PCMLPers, see new people at the 21st Century Institute at Said - hopefully to do some joint events with them - and to network with OfCom, DCMS and stakeholders. All went well, though we desperately need to release our EC work. Anyway it reminded me of a week last Thursday's star photo...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Real weather - Outer Hebrides!

Ardnamurchan Point to Cape Wrath including Outer Hebrides
Issued by the Met Office at 1700 UTC on Tuesday 10 January 2006.24 hour forecast:
Wind: southwest severe gale 9 to violent storm 11 veering west 6 to gale 8, backing southwest 5 to 7 later.
Weather: squally showers.
Visibility: moderate or good.
Sea State: very rough or high, building very high for a time.
Issued by the Met Office at 1700 UTC on Tuesday 10 January 2006.
Outlook for the following 24 hours:
Wind: southwest 5 to 7 backing south 7 to severe gale 9, occasionally storm 10 later.
Weather: squally showers then rain.
Visibility: moderate or good.
Sea State: very rough or high.

High is bigger than very rough? And very high?

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Charlie did tell the truth - bloody British hypocrits

I used to be a keen Liberal Democrat - vice-chair of the LSE party 1993-5, and my one moment of political fame - 20 years ago, I was elected without opposition in a bye-election to the LSE Student Union Executive (and promptly abolished my post and refused to stand again).
I did campaign in a few elections, including the great Greemwich bye-election of 1986 that Rosie Barnes won, was on telly in a youff chatshow, and was at the launch of the 1987 'The Time Has Come' (ha!) manifesto for the 1987 General Election - I think their highest vote.
In 1995, I hosted Charlie Kennedy in his 'chatshow Charlie' days - in a LibDem meeting. And I got an honest question answered honestly.
Essentially I said, look everyone has inhaled at university in their time, why not just be honest about it and declassify cannabis? It would make politicians look human and honest - witness Bill Clinton was between 'I didn't inhale' (an Oxford don told me he was present when Bill did inhale!) and Monica Lewinsky.
And would you believe, to his eternal credit, Charlie said that almost every politician of his generation, including by implication Bliar (and Brown for that matter, well his eyes narrow to slits when he smiles so maybe that's where he got his stoned smile from) and himself, would be lying if they claimed to be eternally blameless. That said, if anyone admitted it, they would be crucified by the Press - stoned and pissed Press that is...
Fast forward 10 years or more, and Charlie comes clean and is ruined, while David Cameron refuses to answer and is elected.
British - bloody hypocrits!

Matchpoint - execrable dialogue

Saw the latest Wody Allen and the latest Scarlett Johanssen - and in the same film (incidentally the Anna Pornikova poster shot dress doesn't reappear in the film).
BUT Woody does English upper class dialogue like an unwitty Noel Coward play - horribly wordy and horribly dated.
Apart from that, strong cast and very good plot - and they uncovered an English Joaquin Phoenix from somewhere - madness in the eyes and cheekbones everywhere - expected him to scream 'Am I not merciful?' at the end!!!
One wierd point - with his beestung lips and Scarlett's, they actually look deformed together, as if they'd been given a fat lip in a fight or the collagen went wrong (Lesley Ash style).
Maybe I'm just jealous!

Charlie Kennedy's month ran out

But is Sir Ming too old to challenge Brown and Cameron? He seemed a shoe-in.
I wonder about Nick Clegg? Vince Cable is too old, and perhaps too intellectual - but all this could change if Brown succeeds Blair soon.
I see the appeal of the young challenger, like Tory Cameron and Tory Blair when he first got elected. In which case, why not the frankly boring and ugly Mark Oaten?
BUT if Brown succeeds Blair soon, he could have Cameron for breakfast, and another callow young man might look too similar. In which case, Campbell or Cable might look much more balanced than Brown and able than Cameron.
I have to admit that - hugely competent though Campbell and Cable are - they're too old, respectively 68 and 66 at the next Election. Plus Campbell is another Scot!
So Clegg for me - even if I don't know that much about him. He's bright, he's economically liberal, he's not a total Europhile (ex-Cabinet of Leon Brittan). He's also 38 - old man compared to me of course...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Why there are no links

Because whenever I try to put them into this pretty template it ignores them, and when I change templates to something uglier then change back - yes, you guessed, it ignores them all over again. If I could, I'd link in particular to James' Eurotelcoblog - excellent source for telecoms. There's a few others that will remain nameless to protect the guilty...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Frequent Flyers

Just had a great panner-sag (cheese-spinach) dosa with Ian and he prompted me to work out how rubbish I am at frequent flyer miles.
I have SIX memberships:
Delta - for my trip to USC end-2003 and to Bruce's place;
Air France - who lost my bags and FF miles last year when I went to DC via CDG;
Swiss International/Lufthansa - after my Swiss biz class flights last month;
BMI/Star Alliance - long term but I should manage them properly;
Eurostar - apparently...;
BA - least generous but I do use them a lot and they did find my Tokyo miles last year, and I get miles with Avis when I start hiring for Essex teaching (24th January countdown).
Maybe I should focus in a bit and actually use them - I have ONE flight with BA.

Travels in 2006

Well, this writing break has turned into a getting the Japanese proposal done break - not! So I'll need a long weekend later in the month - 22nd probably.
After the failed November week off and now this, I think I need to take a radio-silence hot sunny break somewhere - not sure that a long weekend in Barcelona really counts...
Alex in town 12-14th Jan
Russian New Year 13th Jan - Liz in town?
Oxford Media Convention 19th Jan.
Roma 28-31st Jan - the Eternal City, first time!!!
Barcelona weekend - mid-February - check the weather
Irealnd - Easter
Greece, Tom's wedding - late May
June - Ruschlikon and Finland for TADOBATIS
July - Frankfurt for World Cup?
December - Oz for Ashes!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

'Man for All Seasons' - Theatre Royal Haymarket

Martin Shaw as Thomas More doesn't quite work, as much as I wanted it too and as strong as the supporting cast is. I just didn't think he had enough 'bottom', gravitas - a failing I recognise.
I was preoccupied with L's hamfisted indirect attempts to 'manage' me - dear god, save him from such a desperate cause! I would have thought no-one would be unwise enough to try that - certainly not the Martins so why he??!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Summer Bank Holiday photos from Alex

Churchill, Gandhi, de Gaulle and Hitler: tough war liberalism

WINSTON Churchill was in favour of letting Mahatma Gandhi die if he went on hunger strike while interned during World War II, say documents published yesterday.The prime minister believed the Indian spiritual leader should be treated like any other prisoner if he stopped eating.
Churchill's combative views were reported in declassified records from meetings of the War Cabinet, which also showed he was prepared to have French resistance leader General Charles de Gaulle arrested if he tried to leave Britain.
The hero of Britain in her "darkest hours" was also determined to have German leader Adolf Hitler executed if he were captured.
Eventually, in regard to Gandhi, ministers decided in January 1943 that, although they could not publicly give in to a hunger strike, they would be willing to release him on compassionate grounds if he was likely to die, say notes, taken by deputy cabinet secretary Sir Norman Brook.
However, the animosity between the Churchill and de Gaulle, both revered in their homelands as heroes of the war, was evident when he describes the French resistance leader as having "insensate ambition". De Gaulle was also a barrier to "trustworthy" relations between the countries.
When de Gaulle complained that he was being treated as a prisoner of war, Churchill's response was that the Frenchman must be told "bluntly" to do as he was told and should be arrested if necessary.
At a December 1942 Cabinet meeting Churchill noted: "Contemplate that if Hitler falls into our hands we shall certainly put him to death," read Sir Norman's notes. "This man is the mainspring of evil."