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Friday, February 24, 2012

Korea telecom against net neutrality for video: Youtube, Internet TV

KT reviewing network fees on Youtube, Internet TVs | Reuters: ""We want to set a rule that we can equally apply to every platform operator that offers data-heavy content as those services threaten to black out our network. They should pay for using our network," Kim Taehwan, vice president of KT's smart network policy task force, told Reuters in an interview. "Payment could take various forms, from sharing a portion of advertisement revenues or profits to settling network usage fees. We are open to discussing that and are focusing our efforts on Internet TVs for a start before broadening our target to other data-heavy services such as Youtube.""

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

SEC denies carrier attempts to block shareholder net neutrality votes

SEC denies carrier attempts to block shareholder net neutrality votes: which is nice, will produce a vote against net neutrality, but make for a noisy AGM....the vast letter file is available here, dated 13 February with a great deal of Verizon legal verbiage from 10 February attached.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Smug and chagrined: Susan Crawford blog

Smug and chagrined: by Susan Crawford: I just picked up on this (well January I was in Bali...;-) excellent analysis by Susan Crawford, , one of the more strident and provocative thinkers in US telecoms. Thinking outside the cable box, you might say - and as the fibre route to the home becomes more clearly stuck on the kerb with DOCSIS3.0 cable, it seems highly appropriate reading from here in Australia, home of the NGN.