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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Quick Guide For The Upcoming Net Neutrality Rules Challenge | Public Knowledge

Excellent he-says-she-says guide to forthcoming litigation: A Quick Guide For The Upcoming Net Neutrality Rules Challenge | Public Knowledge:

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TPRC 2011: great papers by Clark/Lehr/Bauer, Cooper/Soppera, Chery, Frieden and others

Well, it turns out there was tons of net neutrality stuff - just under different titles! Main things I learnt:
[1] DPI seems to be bought as single-use, forget security-bandwidth management conspiracy theories..(Mueller)
[2] web video is really growing at zettaflood pace (Cooper);
[3] BITAG was actually used once, last week,
[4] no blocking plus QoS on FRAND terms is gaining ground at least amongst academics as least bad solution (Bauer, Cherry, Frieden);
[5] we have little or no idea how much OTT video bandwidth costs, but we know its important to know (Clark/Lehr/Bauer) and outages on QoS do suggest some recompense for consumers (ditto)!

BEREC to publish ARCEP draft guidelines on reasonable traffic management

After their meeting in Barcelona 30 Sept - it will be BoR (11) 44:
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Brussels, October 3: Big European Operators Asking for Bit Tax

An end to neutrality? Brussels, October 3: Big European Operators Asking for Bit Tax:

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It was ten years ago today...Kieran McCarthy on BT throttling P2P

Ah, those were the days, BT OpenWoe denying throttling bandwidth hungry users until they were caught red-handed. A decade ago...

LibDem UK government junior partner: no net neutrality regulation yet

19 September, Dr Julian Huppert will present the digital economy policy paper for the junior coalition partner (with no ministers in the Culture/telecom Department):
"2.5.2 The Coalition Government has so far taken an ambiguous line on net neutrality. For example, the Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries has given a speech that was interpreted by one side as signalling open season on traffic management, and by the other as a reiteration of the importance of neutrality.
2.5.3 We do not consider it liberal to allow competition on the basis of existing service providers offering different packages based on traffic management that favours one company over another. Instead, it is better to provide a level playing field – where traffic flows at the same speed, whatever the content and whoever owns and operates the website.
2.5.4 In order to secure this level playing field, the government must be prepared to regulate. However, we do not at present consider it necessary to do so – merely to make it clear that privileging certain types of content or throttling download speeds on certain websites will lead inevitably to regulation."
Their faith in the market is liberal but....aspirational. Where's the evidence base?

Thursday, September 01, 2011

TPRC 2011 and DigiWorld 2011: what neutrality?

Dates for your diaries:
23-25 Sept is the 39th TPRC (GMU, Virginia);
16-17 November is the 33rd DigiWorld (under various titles) at Montpellier.
DigiWorld is more explicitly abour net neutrality, at least in the session I am speaking in:
Trans-Atlantic Telecom Dialog 2011, Net Neutrality: Act II: the talks for this 7th edition of the Trans-Atlantic Telecom Dialog will focus especially on: Analyzing the status of legislative and regulatory efforts in United States and European markets; schemes governing traffic management practices, stipulations on tiered pricing, overhauling peering agreements…Forward-looking discussions.