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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New 2017 - implementation year?

Happy New Year dear readers - there are suddenly 21,000 of you per month since May, presumably spiked up by the new EU law and BEREC Guidelines consultation. I had worked on the assumption that this was an aide memoire to my net neutrality academic work, notably the new book, but perhaps some more general readers are dipping in. If so, welcome!
2017 will be a highly dynamic year - implementing that new law in all 28 Member States (even reluctant Brexiter UK) and EEA members, dealing with zero rating in many developing nations, handling whatever Trump team arrives at the FCC...exciting times, as the Chinese allegedly say...

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

T-Mobile must end zero-rated music offer in Netherlands - Mobile World Live

T-Mobile must end zero-rated music offer in Netherlands - Mobile World Live: "Dutch Consumer and Markets (ACM) regulator said shortly afterwards it would investigate the policy, following a new bill passed in the Dutch Senate forbidding zero-rating.

 Two months on, the ACM has now threatened the operator with fines of €50,000 per day, up to a maximum of €500,000, if it does not withdraw the offer within 20 days of the ruling.

 In a statement, T-Mobile said “the decision comes as no surprise” but confirmed it planned to appeal.

The operator argues that the zero-rated offer does not contravene Europe-wide net neutrality regulation, which it says should apply directly rather than a Dutch intermediary law.

“T-Mobile continues to believe that there is no question of violation because zero-rating is permitted according to EU rules under certain conditions,” it added." 'via Blog this'

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Net Neutrality Rule to Get Scrutiny From FCC Republicans ‘Soon’ - Bloomberg

Net Neutrality Rule to Get Scrutiny From FCC Republicans ‘Soon’ - Bloomberg: "Pai and O’Rielly will form the FCC’s two-member majority when Trump assumes office because the agency will have three members -- two short of full strength.

New members will be nominated by Trump and confirmed by the Senate, a process that typically takes months.

Both Republicans have been staunch opponents of the net neutrality rule.

In a speech Dec. 7, Pai said that he was unsure whether the rule would be vacated by a court, reversed by Congress, or overturned by the FCC. He said he was sure the rule’s days are numbered." 'via Blog this'

Friday, December 09, 2016

Fox to buy Sky: reminder editor Colin Myler lawyer Tom Crone found in contempt of Parliament

Former News of the World editor Colin Myler and lawyer Tom Crone found in contempt of Parliament for misleading phone-hacking evidence – Press Gazette: "Today’s report notes that in a letter relating to that appeal of March 2007, Goodman said his sacking was “perverse because his actions were ‘carried out with the full knowledge and support’ of Andy Coulson and Neil Wallis, with payments arranged by Stuart Kuttner.

“He stated that Ian Edmondson and other staff were carrying out the same illegal procedures, and that the practice was widely discussed at the daily editorial conference until explicit reference was banned by the editor.”

 The Committee of Privileges report says: “We have concluded that it is significantly more likely than not to be true that Tom Crone misled the CMS Committee in 2009 by giving a counter-impression of the significance of confidentiality in the Gordon Taylor settlement."

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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Hungary bans largest mobile operator from zero rating its own video - 1 Dec. report.

Google Translate article 1/12/2016: "National Media and Communications Authority applied at EU level among the first EU on network neutrality regulations when ordered Magyar Telekom to ensure interference-free Internet service, terminate the offending traffic management measures. The Authority examined the terms of the GO TV service since stated that the distinction between TV provider and HBO GO GO access to services compared to all other Internet traffic and applications, despite the provisions of the European Union for network neutrality."
"The NMIAH rules on network neutrality enforcement [meant it] investigated Magyar Telekom's mobile subscription available "unlimited TV and Film" monthly fee option, within the context of TV GO and HBO GO service. The  investigation was closed November 21 [and] found that the provider of the content concerned unlawfully distinguished over all other Internet traffic and applications, and their use had not counted all your subscription data traffic."

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

MNOs Telia & 3 forced to treat internet traffic equally: draft decision from PTS

"PTS is now publishing a draft decision, communicating PTS’ intention to issue an injunction on Telia to treat all traffic equally once the data volume, in accordance with the subscription for the internet access as such, has been consumed., In a similar case regarding HI3G’s (3) offer ”Free surf for music streaming”, 3 has now informed PTS that 3 will change their offer going forward, in order not to violate the regulation. PTS is positive to 3’s ambition to adjust its offer in order to comply with the regulation and will closely follow this development in order to ensure that the necessary changes are implemented." Final comments from Telia allowed until 4 January. 'via Blog this'

Thursday, December 01, 2016

A Decade Ago: EC Proposals for Video Regulation - Ofcom

Assessing Indirect Impacts of the EC Proposals for Video Regulation - Ofcom:

"Ofcom is today publishing an independent study conducted by RAND Europe, which looks at the potential indirect impact of the European Commission’s proposed Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive." The first EU regulatory whisperings of discrimination in video distribution by IAPs... 'via Blog this'

Predictions 2017

Predictions 2017: "If Brexit does happen then an exit from the Internal Market would be disastrous for inward and outward investors. Remember that it was BT and Vodafone who first broke into other EU markets in the late 1990s, dominating Irish telecoms amongst others. Vodafone’s extraordinary hostile takeover of Mannesman caused shockwaves throughout German corporate governance. Yes, UK telecoms has become more domestically focussed with BT’s failed expansions and the recent (2015-16) mergers leaving two UK-owned mobile companies and O2 for sale. Virgin Media has announced Brexit will mean less investment into the UK.

 On net neutrality, it was the Brits (through Ofcom) and Norwegians who wrote the recent BEREC Guidelines on implementation. Ofcom cannot remain a member or even observer of BEFEC/ERG if we leave the Internal Market, whatever the Ofcom CEO may hope. Can we even follow the rules we wrote?" 'via Blog this'