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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update for Fed-spotters

Julius continues frenzied lobbying in the art of the possible and will be heaped with opprobrium on 21st December - which I will happily blog in Janaury as I am currently sitting in equatorial jungle detoxing from a year of blogging. Happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Monday, December 06, 2010

Want to see real over-regulation of the Internet?

Then look at European proposals for mandatory web filtering - not in Wikileaks' worst nightmares could we expect to see such over-reaction from ostensibly democratic states. Its officially only for kiddie porn horrors, but these lists are notoriously unreliable.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Nyet neutrality in US and UK?

Marvin Ammori further fillets the FCC 'compromise' (if I move to the far right, you have to follow me to compromise). Meanwhile, Jean-Jacques Sahel opens up on Ofcom on two fronts, a letter by the content boys except the BBC which was not competent to sign in time, and a biting reply to a ludicrous Ofcom spin on some research that shows we have lots of smartphones but very restricted mobile data plans so can't use them properly. I could not have signed the letter, it talks self-regulation and I am now Dr Co-regulation....
I write this on my 5GB monthly capped 3 dongle which I will try to use for a Skype confcall tomorrow PM.
UPDATE: Rob Frieden's masterful analysis combined with his posting on Level3 and peering, makes a strong case that whatever happens will be likely viewed 'skeptically' by the courts.

Russia and Qatar net neutrality?

Side bitter point: Qatar is ranked 120th (boosted by Al-Jazeera) and Russia 140th (all those quasi-official murders) in the world for media freedom - FIFA will feel right at home. I suspect they will be able to control any unauthorised pirates feeds from the World Cup.

European net neutrality summit videos - evolution is televised...

European Commission does have video (and slides!) from the net neutrality summit - I'm 54min in… "Open Access is undoubtedly a win-win game" says @ at Ghent University   EuroParliament video of net neutrality summit afternoon in full…

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I think they all agree with Sir Tim - except they don't

The FCC is going for a Waxman, or a Google-Verizon. No mobile neutrality, and only basic rules on transparency and non-discrimination. Now for the devilish details!

Obama-open or Genachowski-closed - or co-regulation?

Marvin Ammori rather starkly portrays a choice between Waxman not-neutrality (another monkey, this time surrendering?) and NTIA stimulus neutrality in a thoughtful campaigning post. If FCC Commissioners are currently chewing over the proposal prior to the 21 December meeting, will it bear some resemblance to Phil Weiser's suggestion of co-regulation last year (which itself bears huge resemblance to my stuff since 2007 but I suspect he became too busy running the country to have read it!)