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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Obama-open or Genachowski-closed - or co-regulation?

Marvin Ammori rather starkly portrays a choice between Waxman not-neutrality (another monkey, this time surrendering?) and NTIA stimulus neutrality in a thoughtful campaigning post. If FCC Commissioners are currently chewing over the proposal prior to the 21 December meeting, will it bear some resemblance to Phil Weiser's suggestion of co-regulation last year (which itself bears huge resemblance to my stuff since 2007 but I suspect he became too busy running the country to have read it!)

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Marvin Ammori said...

Hey Chris, I certainly didn't mean to imply Waxman was a surrender-er. I see why the Waxman bill might have made sense if Congress was the option. That compromise doesn't make sense--especially in light of Republicans rejecting it and the FCC having the record and the votes to do net neutrality as promised, and as I believe it should be done.

Thanks for the kind words, etc. hope all's well. Marvin