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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Charlie Kennedy's month ran out

But is Sir Ming too old to challenge Brown and Cameron? He seemed a shoe-in.
I wonder about Nick Clegg? Vince Cable is too old, and perhaps too intellectual - but all this could change if Brown succeeds Blair soon.
I see the appeal of the young challenger, like Tory Cameron and Tory Blair when he first got elected. In which case, why not the frankly boring and ugly Mark Oaten?
BUT if Brown succeeds Blair soon, he could have Cameron for breakfast, and another callow young man might look too similar. In which case, Campbell or Cable might look much more balanced than Brown and able than Cameron.
I have to admit that - hugely competent though Campbell and Cable are - they're too old, respectively 68 and 66 at the next Election. Plus Campbell is another Scot!
So Clegg for me - even if I don't know that much about him. He's bright, he's economically liberal, he's not a total Europhile (ex-Cabinet of Leon Brittan). He's also 38 - old man compared to me of course...

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