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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Charlie did tell the truth - bloody British hypocrits

I used to be a keen Liberal Democrat - vice-chair of the LSE party 1993-5, and my one moment of political fame - 20 years ago, I was elected without opposition in a bye-election to the LSE Student Union Executive (and promptly abolished my post and refused to stand again).
I did campaign in a few elections, including the great Greemwich bye-election of 1986 that Rosie Barnes won, was on telly in a youff chatshow, and was at the launch of the 1987 'The Time Has Come' (ha!) manifesto for the 1987 General Election - I think their highest vote.
In 1995, I hosted Charlie Kennedy in his 'chatshow Charlie' days - in a LibDem meeting. And I got an honest question answered honestly.
Essentially I said, look everyone has inhaled at university in their time, why not just be honest about it and declassify cannabis? It would make politicians look human and honest - witness Bill Clinton was between 'I didn't inhale' (an Oxford don told me he was present when Bill did inhale!) and Monica Lewinsky.
And would you believe, to his eternal credit, Charlie said that almost every politician of his generation, including by implication Bliar (and Brown for that matter, well his eyes narrow to slits when he smiles so maybe that's where he got his stoned smile from) and himself, would be lying if they claimed to be eternally blameless. That said, if anyone admitted it, they would be crucified by the Press - stoned and pissed Press that is...
Fast forward 10 years or more, and Charlie comes clean and is ruined, while David Cameron refuses to answer and is elected.
British - bloody hypocrits!

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