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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Matchpoint - execrable dialogue

Saw the latest Wody Allen and the latest Scarlett Johanssen - and in the same film (incidentally the Anna Pornikova poster shot dress doesn't reappear in the film).
BUT Woody does English upper class dialogue like an unwitty Noel Coward play - horribly wordy and horribly dated.
Apart from that, strong cast and very good plot - and they uncovered an English Joaquin Phoenix from somewhere - madness in the eyes and cheekbones everywhere - expected him to scream 'Am I not merciful?' at the end!!!
One wierd point - with his beestung lips and Scarlett's, they actually look deformed together, as if they'd been given a fat lip in a fight or the collagen went wrong (Lesley Ash style).
Maybe I'm just jealous!

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