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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Its funny having quiet streets and bird song - I think it'll take a week or two to get used to it!
The move was pretty high stress - I ended up leaving behind the bed base and freezer (only 3 months old, te-tum te-tum).
Losing the bed was good - I bought it in 1995 with Astrid but it's only 6 foot and my toes have always dangled over the end. Time for a bigger bed...
Oh, and I am shattered and have a head cold - relaxing after the move makes you sick!
Daffodils are just appearing next to Buckingham Palace (I was near there for a meeting Tuesday morning) and spring is springing:-)
No photos because my poor old laptop nearly died again and has no Bluetooth anymore...
I'm hiring a car on Saturday for 11 days - the end of Essex teaching - and driving to see the parents (first time in ages), the godkids (first time in this year!) for the riiigby, and then next weekend (if I'm not coldy anymore) down to stay with Steve Simmons at Sancreed:
Bloody marvellous!!!

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