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Friday, March 05, 2010

In praise of independent competition authorities: DoJ ex parte submission

This appears to have Phil Weiser's prints all over it - great piece of work, referencing Ofcom and Irish ComCom on transparency and broadband speed issues, and with excellent coverage of the need for entrants to gain some of the proposed spectrum release. It also notably fails to hallucinate broadband competition where none exists.
This is how to regulate broadband markets - no special pleading, no capture - competition authorities deal with bigger boys than telecoms incumbents every day, which is why we should give at least two cheers (already!) that Guiseppe Conte is heading the net neutrality issue in Neelie Kroes' cabinet - he had dealt in the past in DG COMP with power network mergers, amongst other things - compared to which I am assured that telecoms network competition is small beer.

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