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Friday, March 05, 2010

'Mr Ed goes to Washington'

No, not the talking horse or Jimmy Stewart (in fact, the reverse), but Dave Burstein's description of incumbents, notably Ed Whitacre, and their attempts to maintain control makes highly amusing and insightful reading. His 'both-barrels' assault on the 'compromise' on the broadband plan is equally robust, though as I don't follow Beltway B**locks any closer than I have to, I'll let readers decide whether the Plan is as timid as he states.
It makes our own Ed (see below) look good by comparison, though note my caution when regulators reel off the achievements of incumbents and their 'superfast' broadband - or 'hallucinating competition' (c/o D. Burstein).
The revolving door between regulator and lobbyist that I may have hinted at in the past, seems to be alive and well in DC. As Orwell would write and this glorious adaption shows, the pigs looked at the farmers, and the farmers looked at the pigs...

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