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Thursday, March 04, 2010

50,000 reasons to thank you! Sublime, ridiculous, back again...

My book has now been downloaded 47,992 times (as of yesterday) and counting - that's amazing. Thank you - now read it (by buying it not destroying the office photocopier!) and tell me what you think of it!
Meanwhile, the Master (Kevin Werbach) has posted on the third part of his trilogy of Internet regulation articles: what a book those would make. Kevin, do you hear? Book (makes it easier for us lazy readers to get all the wisdom in one place).
Also, do look at how the music lawyers are screwing up their industry in 'The tragedy of the digital commons' - so that less people are consuming legitimate AND file-shared music. Watch the movie biz follow them.
Finally, there's a great little provocative analysis by George Ford at the Phoenix Center, predicting perverse consequences from net neutrality regulation - all the more reason to keep co-regulation away from lawyers? As Ofcom states below, its about transparency with purpose. As George says (I paraphrase), the principle of net neutrality may be getting lost in the DC post-snowpocalypse mudbath.

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