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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lithuanian fibre falls foul of DG INFSO

Bear with me on this - Lithuania is a country in crisis, but horrendous recession caused by attempts to stay loyal to the Euro even though they're not yet in it. Forget Greece and Ireland, its these guys, Estonia and Latvia who are really bleeding.
So they've gone for the Information Society in a big way to gallop away from rotting Soviet-era industrial infrastructure. Alarmingly for Western pathfinders, its Lithuania that leads in fibre - 18% of households as opposed to 0.00015 (ish) in the UK, which laughably claims VDSL is "super-fast broadband". NO IT ISN'T.
Anyhoo, the Liths have run into trouble with the EC for their new market definitions for unbundling - they want to use LLU for copper, no LLU for FTTH, and nothing at all for fibre to the building.
They now have 2 months to respond with to the EC's view.

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