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Friday, August 09, 2013

Turnbull defends Murdoch on Labor's NBN

Turnbull defends Murdoch on Labor's NBN | ZDNet: "Labor claims that Murdoch's media interests are hostile toward its NBN, because it could pose a commercial threat to News Corp's half-owned pay TV business, Foxtel. The argument is that consumers could opt to use fast NBN speeds to download their own visual entertainment, rather than paying for a Foxtel subscription.
Kevin Rudd said Murdoch has a "democratic right" to rail against Labor's policies through his publications, but wondered what was behind it. He's also said that there is a "strange coincidence of interests" between News Corp and the Coalition, after The Daily Telegraph newspaper printed an editorial under the headline "Kick this mob out" on day one of the election campaign."
Murdoch seek to influence electoral politics for his personal financial gain? What is he, a vulture capitalist? Oh, right...'via Blog this'

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