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Monday, August 05, 2013

Comcast Starts Tinkering With 5 GB Usage Caps

Comcast Starts Tinkering With 5 GB Usage Caps | DSLreports, ISP Information: "Time Warner Cable and Comcast's voluntary options come after attempts at forcing users on to 5 GB capped plans didn't go over very well, Time Warner Cable's 2009 effort in particular seeing unprecedented public backlash and even public protest. So like the slowly boiled frog analogy, the cable operators hope they can slowly but surely get metered billing implemented if they just move glacially enough. The problem is that the option is so pathetic, very few are signing up for it.
Cable operators have repeatedly and sometimes hysterically insisted they're simply looking to tinker with "creative" usage-based pricing, yet their best minds keep pushing forth metered plans that offer little to no value. That's because contrary to their claims, they're not actually interested in true usage-based plans, because tens of millions of their customers (like your grandma) would pay very little for the miniscule bandwidth they use." 'via Blog this'

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