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Friday, August 09, 2013

Evidence Base for NBN - Australian election furore

Turnbull is right - we need to have a Press Club debate about the NBN - TechGeek: "Why? Despite my personal feeling that the Coalition’s proposal is technologically inferior, it would be nice to have all the facts and figures from both proposals out there in the public forum and a discussion about the future of broadband in Australia. It would also be nice to question Albanese and Turnbull about their plans. For instance, I’ve got many questions for Turnbull about his implementation like how much do you anticipate the cost of replacing the copper to achieve fast broadband (since it is a Fibre-to-the-Node policy). Likewise to Albanese, but in relation to the construction and implementation – what are you going to do to ensure that NBN Co meets deadlines and targets for a 2021 completion date?"
Note that this debate is light years ahead of what passes for political debate in Europe...see this analysis of the copper network legacy for instance - and this is actually being read by the geek electorate thanks to their public service broadcaster! 'via Blog this'

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