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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Evidence-Based Policy Too Hard? "FCC's Net Neutrality report is a bust"

The Daily Dot - The FCC's Net Neutrality report is a bust: "As the report makes abundantly clear, today we are no closer to real answers on data caps today than we were in 2010, when the FCC released its Net Neutrality order; in 2011, when we asked the FCC to take a closer look at data caps; or 2012, when the FCC finally organized the Open Internet Advisory Committee. Over and over, the report’s findings indicate a lack of data, standards, evidence, and information."
The OIAC has virtually no travel money even for its leaders, and no research budget, so it's hardly a surprise that all it can do is re-tread the existing arguments. Regulators don't want answers 'via Blog this'

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