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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Tweeting to Neelie from Council of Europe: #coe_netneutral

@FelixTreguer 2h Glad to hear that @CoE Human Right Commissioner will be looking at online freedom of expression. #CoE_netneutral (come to France;)
@soufron 2h towards exploits and surveillance neutrality? ;) @FelixTreguer @CoE #coe_netneutral
@socialhack 3h @FelixTreguer we should use the existing mailinglist for creating this model law! #CoE_netneutral
@FelixTreguer 3h #CoE_netneutral: @CoE could also conduct further work on privatised online enforcement and trade of surveillance tech and exploits.
@ChrisTMarsden 3h @coe #coe_netneutral 1.stop telco 'specialized services' evading #netneutrality 2. stop surveillance tech export 3. use co-reg & rule of law
@FelixTreguer 3h #CoE_netneutral next steps: Developing a #NetNeutrality model law would be a great achievement.
@GiusyCannella 3h @accessnow Unfettered access to the internet is a fundamental right, we're committed to defend it against discriminations #coe_netneutral
@luuletaja 3h #coe_netneutral @ShmaeganM #netneutrality is not about champagne or sparkling wine, its about water, net neutrality is a human rights issue.
@ChrisTMarsden 3h #coe_netneutral official online MM-S-PL(99)12 @ChrisTMarsden @coe report inc. #netneutrality with 150 footnotes …
@luuletaja 3h #coe_netneutral Battle of lobbyists: Thomas Grob, "no DPI in fixed network" vs James Waterworth "Telecoms are oligopoly by nature". DT loses
@VRadunovic 3h Complexity of #netneutrality:  Need holistic approach to address in regulation/policy; need awareness! #coe_netneutral
@IanBrownOII 3h #coe_netneutral There is a risk users will be kettled into information-poor spaces - @JMalinowskiR
@IanBrownOII 3h #coe_netneutral @JMalinowskiR: @coe is keen to continue working on #netneutrality. What positive & negative #ECHR obligations on states?
@ChrisTMarsden 3h #coe_netneutral as the telcos (except DT) didn't attend yesterday here's the context for why your spin looks silly: …
@IanBrownOII 3h #coe_netneutral data caps breached by most users will inherently lead to discrimination
@IanBrownOII 3h #coe_netneutral @CCIAEurope: we need #netneutrality principles now because of oligopolistic telecoms industry structure
@IanBrownOII 3h #coe_netneutral Europe is worst place in the world for commercial Internet discrimination and filtering - JJS
@IanBrownOII 3h #coe_netneutral FCC has taken meaningful action in the US on #netneutrality, unlike European regulators, problematic cases are hidden - JJS
@IanBrownOII 3h #coe_netneutral "There is a systemic failure in European mobile Internet access market" -Jean-Jacques Sahel, Skype
@socialhack 3h Thomas Grob von der @DeutschenTelekom erklärt gerade ernsthaft das die gedrosselten 384kbit/s ja ein "bis zu" ist! #CoE_netneutral

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