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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Ericsson downgrades global mobile forecasts but tries to hide it...

Ericsson downgrades global mobile forecasts : Barry Flynn Communications: Bad science! "The major absence from this report, however, is any recognition of the fact that a large proportion of the traffic received and transmitted by mobile devices, which include laptops and tablets as well as phones, is off-loaded via Wi-Fi to fixed broadband and doesn’t travel over mobile networks at all.
This phenomenon is mentioned only once in the report, in a footnote to a table showing application mobile data traffic volumes by device type, to make clear that it “includes 4G, 3G and 2G mobile data traffic” but “does not take into account Wi-Fi offload traffic.”
This is strange, since Ericsson’s analysts would have had to factor Wi-Fi off-loading into their mobile traffic forecasts in order to work out how much they data they believed would go over one type of network rather than another (indeed, an increase in Wi-Fi offloading caused by stronger smartphone uptake may be one of the reasons for the traffic downgrade). And yet there is not even a methodological note about this." 'via Blog this'

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