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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Blogging the European Parliament event on net neutrality

7m on “no data explosion on the European internet, so we shouldn’t be making policy based on it" 1h Chris Marsden on : the only things exploding are the heads of technical people that know there is no Internet data explosion
11m  Western Euro mobile data CAGR 50% to 2017 and falling fast as Wifi hand-off increases: 14m  OECD study on cost of bandwidth - not 1000 but 100,000 times mark-up by telcos! 16m  my piece on 2006 Amazon from 3.5 years ago: 19m Video of event hosted by with my contributions at 31 and 1:39:20 (anti-NN common carriage) 23m Thanks, , for kicking off the debate on 'Guaranteeing Competition and the Open Internet' this morning! 34m  Western Europe mobile data CAGR 50% (dropping re. WIK study for ) 2012-17 (CiscoVNI)
8h Excellent! RT : presentation at is live at 39m 1h For folks who aren't at today catch & co-author Ian Brown at 8 June 1h Thx all for a great event today! @MarietjeD66 53m  apologies 4 delay in sending you research from WIK/Scott Marcus - I don't roam in Brussels as too dear 8h C.Marsden: 'there is no explosion of data on the internet.' let's not base policy on fear and ignorance! 7h Professor Marsden suggests speaking of prosumers and rights instead of consumers and protection 56m 16 May tweet WIK Scott Marcus fixed hand-off gives the lie to 'wireless data explosion' (sic): 2h RT confirms champagne access idea, would permit discriminatory race to bottom That's not ! 2h RT Data quoted : Cisco VNI: Traffic growth 23% CAGR next 5yrs. Some data explosion? 18h  presentation at is live at 3 Jun Information note of the Lithuanian Presidency on their priorities for
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