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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Study of Real Broadband ISP Speeds Shows Mixed UK Results - but out of date EU data

UPDATE EU Study of Real Broadband ISP Speeds Shows Mixed UK Results - ISPreview UK: "Crucially the data in this report is only relevant for March 2012, yet the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) introduced new rules on 1st April 2012 (here) that effectively forced ISPs to either not advertise a headline speed (very confusing) or to only show their “typical” speeds (i.e. the best speed achieved by 10% of the providers customers). In other words the next study could show something very different, assuming they can find any advertised speeds for the comparison.
The study also looked at other areas like Packet Loss and Latency, which are also important considerations for online gamers and real-time voice or video conferencing. Average latency proved to be highest for xDSL users at 38.46ms (milliseconds), which fell to 23.32ms on Cable and 21.58ms for FTTx. By comparison the UK scored 31.68ms for xDSL, 21.67ms for Cable and 17.60ms for FTTx (overall pretty good – lower is always better)."
But we have to wait until "autumn 2013" for figures any later than March 2012 - why? In the meantime SamKnows UK research remains far more up to date (but small rural sample size is a problem). 'via Blog this'

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