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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

ITU hikes itself to ETNO on WCIT'12

Its quite unbelievable that the ITU would choose to appear allied with ETNO on the radical nd ridiculous proposal for sending party pays:
"ETNO-ITU Twitter Storm on the WCIT12, October 10, 6 pm (CET) #WCIT12
 "Ahead of the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT12) next December, Hamadoun Touré, Secretary- General of ITU, and Luigi Gambardella, Executive Board Chair of ETNO, will take part in a live chat on Twitter. What are the main issues at stake? How will the outcomes of WCIT12 be implemented? Will ITU be given more powers? How can ITRs address the challenges of the future? What are the opportunities for the developing countries?
These questions and many others will be among the topics of the ETNO-ITU Twitter Storm. It will also be the occasion to clarify the objectives of the ETNO proposal for the revision of the ITRs and to address numerous misinterpretations."
It then states:
"The aim of the ETNO proposal is to contribute to the achievement of a more sustainable model for the Internet (ed: seriously?), through commercial negotiations between players. The revision of the ITRs offers a unique opportunity to propose high‐level principles for IP interconnection and ensure that new business models are emerging based on commercial negotiations between players."

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