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Monday, October 01, 2012

ARCEP: new QoS parameters by end-2012, more transparency needed

ARCEP: Ovum: ARCEP reported that fewer instances of throttling or blocking have occurred. However, ARCEP is therefore calling for the elimination of the blocking of VoIP and P2P traffic. The regulator concludes that QoS is a crucial long-term issue that must be monitored in order to “strengthen competitive emulation”.
"By the end of 2012 ARCEP will adopt a decision that specifies QoS indicators for fixed networks. These will complement the existing measures in place for mobile networks, and will allow the regulator to react quickly to a fall in QoS. With regards to interconnection, ARCEP reports that, while the relationships between Internet players are evolving, there is no need to strengthen the regulatory framework at this time." 'via Blog this'

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