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Friday, October 19, 2012

Example for broadband and mobile? Energy Retail Market Review – Simpler Clearer Fairer

Retail Market Review – Simpler Clearer Fairer: Ofgem will "put an end to the baffling array of tariffs and inconsistent information that consumers currently face when choosing their energy supplier. This will enable consumers to better understand what is on offer and more easily choose the right supplier and best deal for them. Our proposed reforms will make the market:
Simpler by banning confusing multi-tier tariffs; by placing a cap on the number tariffs suppliers can offer;
Clearer because we will make suppliers tell customers the cheapest deal they offer for them; because we will conduct trials in which suppliers must tell some customers about the cheapest deal available to them from across the whole market
And Fairer because we will introduce new standards, backed by the power to levy fines, to make sure suppliers treat their customers fairly" 'via Blog this'

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