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Friday, November 06, 2015

Cloudflare Thoughts on Network Neutrality, the FCC and a Complaints-Based Solution

Thoughts on Network Neutrality, the FCC, and the Future of Internet Governance: In a perfect world: "Today, we are articulating a simple standards on network neutrality to which all ISPs will be held:
Providers should not discriminate against or for any byte flowing across their network

Providers should continue to invest in their networks to provide higher quality of service across the entire Internet
Providers should not offer so-called "fast lanes" that content providers may purchase in order to favor their own content

To monitor compliance with this standard, I have hired a team of 100 investigators who will be fielding complaints around the clock from consumers and businesses about ISPs that fail to live up to these standards. We will take allegations of ISPs that do not follow these standards seriously and investigate them to the fullest extent. Non-neutral networks will be put through the equivalent of a legal root canal. And if we find that our current legal framework does not offer the tools to remedy abuses, make no mistake that we can and will act quickly under our full powers of Title II. To ISPs: you're on notice. To Internet users: we will be vigilant." 'via Blog this'

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