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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Chancellor's speech to GCHQ on cyber security & ISP blocking

Chancellor's speech to GCHQ on cyber security - Speeches - GOV.UK: "Internet service providers already divert their customers from known bad addresses, to prevent them from being infected with malware.

We will explore whether they can work together – with our help – to provide this protection on a national level.

We cannot create a hermetic seal around the country – indeed it wouldn’t be in our interests to have one – but with the right systems and tools our private internet service providers could kick out a high proportion of the malware in the UK internet, and block the addresses which we know are doing nothing but scamming, tricking and attacking British internet users.

Let us try to get to the point where all the internet service providers will as a matter of routine divert known bad addresses.

By doing so, we could fundamentally alter the economics of cyber crime against UK citizens and businesses." 'via Blog this'

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