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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Gambardella: Populism and the 'Cynical Puppy Effect'

Luigi Gambardella: Digital Regulation and the 'Puppy Effect' - "Thus ahead of the May elections, a cynical puppy effect among European politicians risks jeopardizing not only the objectives of the Connected Continent regulation, but also the sustainability of the Internet as we know it today. People advocating for such restrictive measures claim they love puppies—er, the "open Internet.""

I love this guy - he enters rooms dressed in a multicoloured perm wig, red nose, metre-long shoes and in a clown car that has the wheels fall off. Hysterical, great entertainment! Unfortunately he also hates populist puppies,.

But he also shows very clearly that the monopolists had every intention of using 'specialised services' as an enormous Trojan Hose to kill net neutrality, as we had always suspected. 'via Blog this'

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