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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brazil has net neutrality law: Senate Approves Civil Marco Internet

G1 - Senate Approves Civil Marco Internet - News in Politics: "Passed along in the project, network neutrality assumes that providers can not offer different connections, eg for access to only emails, videos, or social networks. The text establishes that principle is still regulated by the Executive Branch, to detail how it will be implemented and what are the exceptions.
This will be done after consultation with the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and Internet Steering Committee (CGI). Exceptions will serve to ensure priority to "emergency services".
Critics say the neutrality principle restricts the freedom of providers to offer differentiated connections as specific demands of customers and their mandatory application can endear service for all without distinction. It does not prevent the provision of packages with different speed."
It's been debated since 2011, but this now moves to Presidential decree, which is certain as Dilma Roussef is today opening her own #NetMundial2014 conference in Sao Paolo. So Brazil joins Chile and Costa Rica in legislating for net neutrality in Latin America'via Blog this'
P.S. More details on horse-trading over net neutrality and data retention here.

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