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Thursday, April 03, 2014

First vote closed specialised service loopholes - now it goes to governments, EC and back to 'new' Parliament

There has been a lot of rejoicing by net neutrality advocates about the votes on amendments this morning. This is just the start of the negotiation - and governments are generally hostile to neutrality, particularly on specialised services. So watch this space because it is going to get rough. How rough? ETNO, the monopolists' club, immediately put the hurt on the Council of Ministers:
"We are confident that the upcoming work of the EU decision makers will acknowledge such risk and will embrace the spirit of the Commission’s original proposal, confirming that the EU seeks solutions for growth, and not populist measures”. They mean democracy is dangerous.
ETNO is “very concerned by amendments mandating a complete separation of specialized services and requiring that they have no influence at all on the capacity which is made available to other Internet services… would introduce far-reaching restrictions on traffic management, which would make an efficient management of the network almost impossible, resulting in a lower quality internet for all.” That's a threat to take their ball home with them.
This will run and run...

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