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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Extraordinary Tea Party assaults on net neutrality - led by Murdoch

Writing a paper on net neutrality gets difficult when the lunatics start running the asylum. House Speaker Tom Boehner's rant to religious broadcasters is a classic right up there with the dodgy less-lamented now-deceased Ted Stevens as his tubes...but note how important both men were in Internet policy-making. I weep for US politics.
The official organ of the Tea Party is the opinion pages of the Wall St Journal (proprietor: Rupert Murdoch) - a very traditional newspaper has frothing rants on its op-ed pages. As a former media editor there told me, also be very careful of frothing headlines. It has outdone itself with yesterday's "Net Neutrality Debate in Europe is Over". If Neelie really is brushing this under the carpet, I would be...disappointed. I suspect her intentions are rather more about transparency, competition and scrutiny - which is what the spokesman actually said! 

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