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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bandwidth caps and damned lies

This lobbying brief (so be careful believing everything) points out that caps at 250GB imposed by Comcast in 2008 appear to have later resulted in reversing of Moore's Law, bandwidth laws, and indeed human progress, by since decreasing substantially. Are we going back to the future?
PS: Comments indicate scepticism (to say the least) about bandwidth caps - its worth exploring in detail the actual costs of bandwidth and traffic growth - which is challenged as private CDNs appear to be picking up any renewed growth in video traffic. Who can point to something more than a guesstimate (or Google internal document?) as to CDN growth?

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Richard Bennett said...

The "Stop the Cap" guy is more or less an idiot with a single issue. It's not the caps that are a problem, it's the capacity constraints that the caps are meant to address. As more people use video streaming, the statistical nature of the old timey Internet goes away and absolute capacity becomes the constraint. Blaming this on caps is shooting the messenger.