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Sunday, December 19, 2004

'Regulating the Internet' - my book project for first half 2005

So that's what I'm doing when I'm not teaching or retreating to Barna - got another speaking gig there on 14 April (CEPT conference).
It's a socio-politico-economic-legal treatment of the subject - with technical bits where necessary - my magnum opus (or magnificent octopus).
1. Defining Internet regulation - definition and explanation of the problem, public, private or commons?
2. Telecoms regulation - how it changes for broadband access - LLU, F2M etc.
3. Regulating Standards - from the Empire to Wintelism and onwards - competition, public goods and private cartels. Includes IP versus ATM - net versus Bellheads, WiFi, market entry and spectrum usage.
4. Content - IPRs policy and economic evidence, legal strategies for releasing content, DRM and digital rights, DTT and digital TV use of spectrum, mobile content, and ISP/BSP use of 'NTD' - essential facilities and compulsory licensing
5. Threats to the network - spam, viruses, zombies, national firewalls, then 'end of end-to-end', technical innovation and governance problems.
6. International governance - from ITU to WSIS to WGIG - how can global society be put back into the Information Society, and continue to function technically correctly?
7. Towards a crime and competition policy for the Internet? How do hyperglobalised individuals and companies pull the rest up to broadband competence without digital dangers usurping sensible self-regulation?

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Anonymous said...

This is one cute blog...

Interesting project. Hopefully I'll get a chance to buy an autographed copy.

But what about all the non-institutionalized or quasi non-institutionalized players? From the hackerdom to the realm of the Darknet? They are doing their bit to muddle the whole thing.

May your octopus be great, Que tu pulpo logre la grandeza.