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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Christmas and New Year

I'm getting really Christmassy now that the birthday is out of the way - had a great night Friday (now that I've recovered) and not living in London means never having to apologise - I can 'Bunbury' whenever I want to!
So drinks tomorrow with Liz and Richard (probably), Tuesday with the Centre, Wednesday probably London, Thursday to Hampshire, Sunday back up to Imogen's birthday, Monday wake up late rough and crawl back to Bunbury, Tuesday to Barcelona via Wayne's until Saturday when I crawl back to start the New Year!
Had a great run in the crystal clear very cold night - stars are fantastic and easy to see my way in the moonlight. I think I'm a lot fitter than this time last year, about 82kg fighting weight. It's definitely been a Henry year: highlight sunset in Tottenham in May, low point just after sunset same night - triumph for pigs over womantics.
New Year's resolution: go to see 'Mamma Mia'...

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