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Monday, December 06, 2004

My OfComwatch Christmas message

Regular readers know that it took the motivation of 2 Yanks to get us Brits blogging our own regulator. As we approach the holiday season - happy hanukkah - it's time for a warning to us all - beware the ideas of Christmas!

Oftel had a tradition that OfCom's first moment continued - if it's good enough to make a tough decision, it's good enough to hide under a stone the Friday before Christmas. That's the 24th december this year, folks - I suspect only teatotal non-Christians will be sober enough to notice what OfCom does on that date - but 2 years ago they launched their Partial Private Circuit ruling that Friday (250 pages of dense argument), and last year the agency was launched in the full fanfare of - yes - 29 December. Remember? Me neither.

So a Christmas quiz for those not currently off on Hanukkah festivities, or broadcasting luvvies already into the full Christmas party Soho swing. What will be the 24 December 4.45pm press release this year?
[a] sorry we didn't deliver increased take-up of broadband;
[b] or LLU at French rates - yet;
[c] or 3G - but hey fellahs, that was before our time when decisions were taken;
[d] but we'll put out old Morecambe and Wise on the PSP we're going to give £300m to;
[e] we'll explain fully what 'equivalency' for rivals to BT really means.
or my personal favorite:
[f] here's how fantastic our first year has been - in 360 days we've acheived precisely...(acheived, not said or consulted or promised, that is).

Should be good - in fact OfCom's greatest achievements this year might well be the combination of proving that we need a Wireless Telegraphy Act 2005/6 to implement spectrum trading effectively, and taking that 'equivalency' pledge and doing something serious about it - even in the 21st Century Network (sic).

So a Christmas message on competition - a present for all those amongst you who support UKCTA - the UK Competitive Telecoms Association - so nearly named the Fixed UK Operators Forum...Merry Christmas, everyone!

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