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Friday, May 08, 2015

UK Internet censorship post-Election

While the Conservative government will have a wafer-thin majority and thus find many policies difficult to deliver, it is likely to have strong evangelical Christian support on its right to put strict Internet censorship in place. The most likely swing seats such as Nadine Dorries are held by Christian anti-science fundamentalists to which we can add the infamously bigoted Unionists in Ulster, and the new leaders of both Labour and the LibDems are likely to be fundamentalist Christians too.
Add to that Theresa may is likely to continue at the Home office, and introduce the Snoopers' Charter, and Claire Perry's quest to achieve ISPs doing government's dirty work for it on porn and copyright.
Whoever takes over as Culture Secretary - investment banker Sajid Javid is clearly heading for greater things and has no time for Culture - may even keep Ed Vaizey as 'Digital Minister'.
So challenging times ahead...starting with UK representation at the next Telecoms Council on 12 June where they will again oppose regulation for net neutrality.

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