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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Telecoms single market package limps to Council

Telecoms single market package limps to Council – POLITICO: "The draft proposal removes the definition of net neutrality from the document, which will be welcomed by some MEPs, who were concerned that a definition that was too specific would lose relevance as technology changed.

The concerns of telecoms companies (and the MEPs they had effectively lobbied) regarding traffic management have been heard, with the compromise proposal having been softened on discrimination of traffic based on type. Internet providers will be able to preference more time-sensitive content if necessary to mitigate the effects of network congestion, as long as they are transparent about it.

 One of the major sticking points in the net neutrality negotiations have been so-called special services. Telecoms operators, largely supported by Council, want to be able to sequester parts of their network for specific purposes, like connected cars. Parliament is concerned that this will reduce the bandwidth available for consumers.

 The presidency has tried to meet both halfway, allowing for the sequestering, but only if it doesn’t adversely affect internet access for general users. This isn’t pleasing either side, with net neutrality purists furious that discrimination will be allowed, while the big telecoms operators complain the measures don’t give them sufficient freedom to innovate." 'via Blog this'

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