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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Net neutrality - 2011 analysis of Michael Geist's exposure of von Finckenstein's empty Canadian promise

Net neutrality highlights CRTC head's biggest failure - AlphaBeatic: "Anyone familiar with CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein knows it’s one of his favourite subjects. He’s been complaining about the CRTC having a lack of AMP teeth for at least three years and he sang a similar chorus during his time at the Competition Bureau before that.

This raises a few questions.

The first is, if the CRTC doesn’t have enforcement powers, why did von Finckenstein brag about Canada supposedly being a world leader in net neutrality? “Canada is the first country to develop and implement a comprehensive approach to internet traffic management practices,” he said in October, 2009. Given what is now known, it sure looks like the chairman wrote the proverbial cheque that the CRTC was not prepared to cash.

 More importantly, given that von Finckenstein has been beating the AMP drum for so long and the fact that the CRTC still doesn’t have this ability, significant doubts arise about the chairman’s personal effectiveness. Either von Finckenstein doesn’t have the clout to convince politicians to enable this power or telecom lobbyists have more clout in convincing them not to. Either way, the chairman has failed in getting the job done." 'via Blog this'

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