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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

European Governments, Parliament Still Far Apart on Net Neutrality

European Governments, Parliament Still Far Apart on Net Neutrality - Real Time Brussels - WSJ: "In the European Parliament’s view, “specialized services” would not be subject to net neutrality rules. But defining what falls under these “specialized services” is tricky. “There are services that require higher speeds, but the question is to agree on them,” said one of the diplomats involved in the talks.

Others are worried that a multispeed internet will be a disadvantage for start-up enterprises.

“We need an open Internet to be able to challenge incumbents. The ability of start-ups to challenge big tech giants will be under threat if we allow for the creation of Internet fast lanes open only to those who can afford to buy access to them,” says Portugal’s EU affairs secretary, Bruno Macaes.

“I am not sure people understand how fundamental net neutrality is to a free, open society. All types of information need to be equally accessible. Imagine if some books were printed in normal font while others had to be read at great cost with a magnifying glass. If we have better quality for certain content on the Internet, that is more or less what we will have,” he added." 'via Blog this'

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