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Monday, May 12, 2014

Joint declaration on universality and the right to freedom of expression: net neutrality

Joint declaration on universality and the right to freedom of… · Article 19: "The global reach and effectiveness of the Internet, as well as its relative power and accessibility compared to other communication platforms, means that it plays a key role in realising the universality of freedom of expression. In this context, the following principles apply:


i.    The right to freedom of expression, which applies regardless of frontiers, protects the Internet, as it does other forms of communication.

ii.    Extreme caution should be taken in applying restrictions on freedom of expression to the Internet and other digital technologies, taking into account that such actions in one jurisdiction may affect other jurisdictions.             iii.    States should actively promote universal access to the Internet regardless of political, social, economic or cultural differences, including by respecting the principles of net neutrality and of the centrality of human rights to the development of the Internet." 'via Blog this'

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