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Thursday, May 01, 2014

"I for one welcome our net neutrality overlords"....traffic up 600% in April

Hello to the many newcomers to this blog - traffic spiked from 4000 visitors in March to 27,000 visitors in April - presumably because of my blogging about ConnectedContinent and its historical preliminary scuffles. Enjoy the blog - and note that it was at its busiest for posting in 2009-10 when I wrote the first edition of the Net Neutrality book.
You may - should - also be interested that the new edition is appearing in mid-2016, once this new law is promulgated, chewed over by Council and spat out. It will be in a flexible weather-resistant display called paper that you can consume on the beach or in a (light) shower. The 2010 book is hardback and Creative Commons licensed - and downloaded by 100,00) of you in PDF. The ebook is a satisfying £23!
Happy May Day to ICT workers of the have nothing to lose but...the interwebs...
Figure: daily traffic April 2014

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