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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Promises on net neutrality and election of new Commission 2014-2019

It's always good to look back at the record, and here's the confirmation for the brand new DG INFSO (now CONNECT) Commissioner, who finally squeeked in as Commissioner on 9 February 2010: "Ms Kroes replied that Commission shares the support of [net neutrality] and will protect it. The core issue is that internet providers "shouldn't be allowed to limit the access to service or content out of commercial motivation but only in cases of security issues and spamming". 
LINX reports in more depth: "Kroes, quipping that she had ‘painted a heart’ in her notes next to the topic, said that she would defend the principle, in particular when operators engage in abusive behaviour for commercial reasons. “It is at the core of the issue, whether internet access providers and operators should be able to exercise control, and limit users’ access to any content. For me it is absolutely, when it is done for commercially-motivated reasons – that is a no-go... The commission has to preserve the open and neutral character of the net. There are a couple reasons for being very vigilant to threats to net neutrality” citing “blocking or discriminating against VoIP services by mobile operators in European countries” as one example of an unacceptable violation of the net neutrality principle.
The EC's main spin doctor explained that "She was happy to come along and underline her commitment to the portfolio." 
Excellent - how's her record on that? Would she be likely to defend those principles if she won an unprecedented third term, alongside President Barroso?

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