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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Answer to a written question - Implementation of network neutrality in the Netherlands - E-009802/2012

Answer to a written question - Implementation of European telecommunications directives and network neutrality in the Netherlands - E-009802/2012: Ooops, missed this while I was lecturing in Thailand on my birthday (18 December), but no infringement proceeding yet! "In October 2012 the Commission sent a letter of formal notice to the Netherlands concerning amendments to the Dutch Telecommunications and Media Acts which allow for access to broadcasting transmission networks for third parties. In this context the need to ensure the NRAs ability to take independent decisions was raised. Such letters are normally not made public before the closure of the infringement proceedings. Finally, with respect to the newly introduced net neutrality provisions, the Commission shares the objective of preserving the open character of the Internet and has not started infringement proceedings against these provisions. The Commission has however expressed concerns regarding the possible negative effects on innovation and consumers and the risk of market fragmentation in Europe "
The answer goes on to explain that the UK's DPI problems may need monitoring in the Netherlands and that such technologies need to conform with the E-privacy Directive. 'via Blog this'

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