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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Net neutrality? Let the market decide, says Europe's digital chief

Net neutrality? Let the market decide, says Europe's digital chief | ZDNet: ""On net neutrality, consumers need effective choice on the type of internet subscription they sign up to. That means real clarity, in non-technical language," Kroes said in the Libération article. The European Commissioner's current stance appears to differ from her previous opposition to tiered access, which she expressed prior to taking over responsibility for Europe's digital agenda. In early 2010, she said ISPs "shouldn't be allowed to limit the access to service or content out of commercial motivation, but only in cases of security issues and spamming". However, more recently she has spoken out against such regulation."
Of course in 2010, Parliament actually took seriously the concessions it forced from the Council/EC in 2009...'via Blog this'


Quirino said...

Commercial offers transparency, that ought to be always ensured, is definitely not enough to ensure net neutrality. Without any real control on advertised performences and enforcement mechanisms the web is becoming full of restrictions (i.e. data caps, applications and performance discrimination, ecc..) for final customers. This is the opposite to the succesful fully connected model of the internet.

venus said...


Giving the right to give differentiated service without providing a way of monitoring and validating the service provided is like giving them full freedom. Having an independent Net neutrality observatory is mandatory !