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Thursday, January 03, 2013

French telcos degrade Youtube to extort cash from Google

TelecomTV | News | Stand and deliver: French telcos degrade Youtube to extort cash from Google: "What we do know is that Youtube users in France have been experiencing mounting difficulty getting their video to run reliably on all networks at different times of the day and in different locations, especially across Iliad/Free. According to Dave Burstein of DSL Prime, all the signs point towards an impending clash of the titans and a catastrophic stand-off between the French telcos and Google (and presumably some other US content players) where the users, who already pay their ISPs plenty to access Youtube, become the big losers as a game of corporate chicken is played out with each side hoping the users will blame the other for the impasse."
Slovenia one way, Frnce the other? 'via Blog this'

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