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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

EU Member States amongst dozens not signing proposed new ITR Treaty

Press Release - No change to telecoms and internet governance - EU Member States amongst dozens not signing proposed new International Telecommunications Regulations (ITR) Treaty, remain 100% committed to open internet: "In the opinion of EU participants, the final text risked threatening the future of the open internet and internet freedoms, as well as having the potential to undermine future economic growth. The EU was concerned about this possible harm not only within the EU, but globally, including in developing countries. Fewer than half of the ITU Member States, accounting for a small proportion of global telecoms traffic, signed the proposed revised treaty today. The European Commission and EU Member States will now study the impact of this action. What is clear is that existing commercial arrangements are untouched. Innovative market-led commercial arrangements remain possible and the open internet will remain in place."
A double minority - less than 100 signatories, and most of those telecoms minnows? Less numerous than that enormous PR headline... 'via Blog this'

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