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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BEREC publishes FIVE reports on net neutrality

Documentation: Though dated 2 weeks ago (BoR 130 was re-released as final last week, initially as draft - anyone know why?), and approved at 6 December plenary before release yesterday, these documents are so voluminous (and end of term is so laborious) I haven't read them through yet. IP interconnection will be most interesting, judging by the workshops that led to it.
BoR (12) 130: An assessment of IP interconnection in the context of Net Neutrality 
BoR (12) 144: Request for Information on Best Practice Examples Relating to Transparency / Net Neutrality Detailed responses to BEREC       
BoR (12) 134: Overview of the national situations concerning transparency
BoR (12) 139: Report on the BEREC public consultations on net neutrality         
BoR (12) 132: BEREC Report on differentiation practices and related competition issues in the scope of net neutrality.
\UPDATE 3/1/13: Note that two are for 'internal consumption' by BEREC members and not for public use. 'via Blog this'

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