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Monday, April 23, 2012

An example: Tesco Broadband Fair Usage & Traffic Management Policies

Tesco Broadband | Fair Usage & Traffic Management Policies: Interesting that they claim they will never throttle Skype or iPlayer: "Tesco constantly monitors the way in which our customers use our broadband services. In particular, at peak times, we will look for (and restrict) non-time-critical traffic, such as Bit Torrent, other peer to peer file sharing applications and online storage services. Currently, we do not restrict Bit Torrent and other similar intensive file-sharing activity between midnight and 6 pm."
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Anonymous said...

Tesco's FUP is weirdly vague - they give 100GB monthly as an 'example' of excessive usage. Wouldn't be surprising if they clamped down even earlier.

(NB noticed that comment from here