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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Neelie Kroes: "What does it mean to be open online? It's complicated..."

EUROPA - Press Releases -  What does it mean to be open online? World Wide Web Conference 2012 Lyon, 19 April 2012: "I am committed to safeguarding net neutrality. Everyone should have the option of full access to a robust, best-efforts Internet. But, once again, openness here is a subtle term. For me it does not mean banning all targeted or limited offers: it means being transparent about them, and giving consumers a free and easy choice as to whether they want them; in the full confidence that full access is also easily available. Historically, people have tried to create isolated environments within the Internet. The fact is, they have often failed. Because, generally, consumers didn't find them as interesting, and weren't willing to use them. Look at the so-called "walled gardens" service providers set up in the nineties.For me, the important thing is that consumers can choose. And that in reality, such more closed environments must always compete with the enormous innovation of the unlimited Internet. In general, that's a hard competition to win: but, on a really open Internet, they are welcome to try."
In other words, she's still trying to wriggle out of her mandate in the 2009 Directives.
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